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Root to Tip believes in the benefits of hemp and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and products with everyone. Our products are made with sourced organic hemp and uses no chemicals or extreme heat in the extraction process. We use a trademarked natural extraction method that uses only heated air. This ensures that you are receiving the cleanest and most cannabinoid rich product. Hemp grown in the Colorado sunshine and made with love.

The benefits of our products are endless and can help with numerous symptoms including (but not limited to): pain relief, anxiety, depression, chronic headaches or migraines, muscle pain, etc. Root to Tip products have even helped with debilitating disabilities with great success including: arthritis, seizures, chronic pain and more.



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Our tincture products are pressed in organic MCT oil and come in two different strengths and two different blends for humans and pets - 600 mg and 1,200 mg. These products stay liquid always and come with a measured dropper. The 600 mg is great for small doses to treat anxiety or just a healthy maintenance dose. The 1,200 mg tincture will be a higher strength and will also treat anxiety and a countless amount of other health problems.

or pet


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Our salves have 300 mg of hemp extract made with essential oils and beeswax. The exciting salves we carry provide an enjoyable experience when applying to the skin. Peppermint is invigorating and an anti-inflammatory, this salves has a nice warming effect. Cayenne is used for detox and pain relief, perfect for sore muscles.

The lavender and calendula salve not only has a pleasing aroma, it has a wonderful cooling effect. Perfect for burns, bug bites and cuts. Enjoy the benefits of our salves knowing that you are getting the highest quality product at affordable prices.

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 you know what they say..

Fast service and Tricia is very knowledge. She genuinely wants to help you out with your needs and is truly passionate about her products.
— Nicole S
Outstanding product with organic ingredients and a high concentration of cannabinoids. Trish is very knowledgable about CBD and explaining CBD concentration levels in her products (and how it differs from others on the market).
My personal experience has been wonderful. On the 600mg I found my hot flashes reduced significantly and my sleep issues vanished. Now on 1200ml, I have reduced arthritis pain and more energy to stabilize me all day long.

Hats off to Root to Tip!
— Andrea A
My husband has been using this product for about 7 months now. This last week I didn’t get his new bottle ordered soon enough so he was out for a few days. He became so sore and painful he could hardly walk around or do much. His tincture arrived and after one dose his pain decreased significantly. Needless to say, I am now a firm believer that this product does wonders! Now living with a happy camper. Amen!
— Nancy O
These are the highest quality CBD products I have found. Tricia is genuine and truly knows how to help you find what you need. The salve works wonders on my back pain. It even helps with migraines when nothing else seems to work. I also started taking the CBD extract in coconut oil and it quickly began to ease my anxiety and help me sleep. There are so many uses for these products. I definitely recommend giving them a try.
— Chloe S
Tricia is the friendliest person I have ever met and is so compassionate towards other people. This business is all about caring for people more so than just trying to get sales. She is very knowledgeable about CBD and knows what she is doing. As for the product, it is amazing! I’ve been using it every day, so has my dog, and my energy levels have never been better. It treated my dog with tumors, and has improved my thyroid levels as well as many other improvements as far as moods, pains and aches etc. Highly recommend this CBD and getting to know the owner of this business!
— Chelsey S